Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you not have a fixed fee?

A. We don't have a fixed fee because each business is unique, so our packages are as individual as you.

​Q. You're based in Lancashire, but I'm based in London - can you still help me?

A. Yes, we can - everything we do is Digital or Cloud-based, so there is no need for us to be in the same town as you. We have a team based in London, so if there does come a time when you would like a face-to-face meeting that can be arranged. Most of our clients are happy conducting everything online; we can meet using Google Meetings or Zoom, we are available on WhatsApp, email and phone. Working remotely and on the Cloud translates into lower costs for you and us.

Q. Why have you chosen to work with your clients on the Cloud and not in a more traditional practice format?

A. Being a Cloud-based practice allows us to use the latest technology which maximises efficiency and responsiveness.

Q. What impact will working with a Cloud-based accountant have on me and my business?

A. Committing to technology and new ways of working is a means of future-proofing your business for times ahead. This in itself gives The Digital Accountant an edge over traditional practices – which in turn gives your business an edge. Playing catch-up and being a late adopter can have repercussions for your bottom line, so keeping up to date with better ways of working is the way to go.

COVID-19 and the resulting change in working patterns have accelerated progress to a certain extent, and it has made many businesses re-evaluate their business model. As more companies adapt to moving their internal systems to the Cloud, using a Cloud-based accountant with be a further extension of this activity. If you're looking for real advice from a team of experts who have already moved to the Cloud, then you've come to the right place!

Q. What type of clients do you work with?

A. Flexibility is key to our approach, which is why we do not have fixed-fees. We look for the best solution for our clients' needs. One size does not fit all in this case, and this is what makes us unique.

Our client base is mixed, from freelance to designers, Fintech startups to hairdressers. The Cloud-based tech and our portal allow us to fine-tune activity based on different business types. You will get your dashboard based on your requirements. So what a freelancer operating as a Sole Trader sees, will be very different from what an SME registered as a Limited Company sees.

When any new client joins The Digital Accountant, we can transfer their accounts to Xero with ease. We can integrate bank feeds, set-up multiple currencies invoicing if that is a requirement, digital record keeping and uploading of digital accounts to iXBRL for submission to HMRC. Whatever your needs, we can discuss this on your initial Discovery Call and what services we can provide. We can also support any eCommerce businesses by advising on PayPal/Stripe bank feed integration, helping you stay nimble in a rapidly changing business environment.

Q. How does The Digital Accountant compare to its competitors?

A. We represent a new way of helping businesses manage their finances. We do not lock our clients into long, fixed contract terms, and our service is entirely flexible, allowing you to scale if needed. In the world of accountancy, our model is unique and is designed to match business requirements for today and not yesterday.