HMRC Self-Assessment Tax Return Service for Company Directors, Digital Nomads and Sole Traders

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If you’re a Sole Trader or Digital Nomad (self-employed), a limited company director where you do not pay Tax on a PAYE basis, or you have received income during the year where Tax is due; you will need to complete and submit an HMRC Tax Return.

In the current climate, the number of people working on a self-employed basis has grown, and this may be your first year where you have to complete a Self-Assessment. We understand that this process can be daunting; something that is typically automated and handled by your employer’s payroll department is now something that you have to do yourself.

With this in mind, The Digital Accountant has a hassle-free and straightforward Self-Assessment Tax Return service where we take the headache out of your Tax liabilities. Let us submit your HMRC Tax Return on your behalf, leaving you to get on with growing your client base.

Who has to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

In addition to working on a Freelance or Contractor basis, you will need to submit a Tax Return to HMRC if you:

  • Are a Sole Trader or a Digital Nomad who has earned £1,000 + in the Tax year

  • Have PAYE income over £100K

  • Receive rental income

  • Receive income from dividends, investments and savings

  • Are looking to claim Tax relief

  • If you have sold any assets in the current Tax year including property or shares

  • Are a partner in a business partnership

  • Receive child benefit, and either you or your partner earn £50K per annum or more.

What is the Self-Assessment deadline and for what period do I need to pay Tax?

HMRC require payment to be received by 31 January and this is for earnings between 6 April – 5 April.


The threshold for taxable income starts from earnings over £12,500 per annum in the financial year

What deductions can I make?

Every business has a running cost. If you run your own limited company, then the rules are slightly different from those for the self-employed. By deducting allowable expenses, we will calculate what your taxable profit is, and it is this amount that you will have to pay Tax to HMRC.

Anything from training courses, clothing expenses, costs of running your business such as energy usage and Council Tax are all tax-deductible. If you work from home, then you may be able to claim a portion of your costs for things such as internet usage, mortgage or rental payments.

During our initial Discovery Call, we will run through exactly what is and isn’t tax-deductible. We will tell you what information we require to process you tax-return, and then you leave the rest to us.

Flexible packages of support to help you manage your cash flow

We understand that times are tough right now which is why we have two payment options for you, designed to help you manage your budget for your individual situation.


£149.99 package

Our best value package. if you have the budget then this is the best option for you.

Pay £149.99 upon signing our contract and then leave the rest to us.


£179.99 package
(£79.99 upfront followed by 4-monthly payments of £25)

If cash flow is a bit tight right now then this is the package for you.

Pay £79.99 upon signing our contract, followed by 4 consecutive monthly payments of £25 - Helping safeguard your budget.

Why work with The Digital Accountant?

Staying on the right side of HMRC is crucial for any business; failure to submit timely and accurate Tax Returns can lead to penalties, fines and stress. Accounting codes and Tax legislation are frequently in flux; from the introduction of IR35 legislation, to what the submission deadlines are, to taxable income thresholds and COVID-19 financial support, it is our job to stay on top of changing legislation.

At The Digital Accountant, we live and breathe numbers and have experience of supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have a wealth of experience in handling self-employed Tax Returns. Our team of fully qualified accountants and trainee accountants is on hand to help.


We’re required by law to ensure we commit to Continued Professional Development (CPD) which means we are fully up-to-date with legislation, and can help you with your Tax requirements with ease. Our commitment to you is to ensure you get value for money from our partnership. We promise an efficient service, peace of mind and to make sure if there is an opportunity to minimise Tax liability, we will advise you of it and act accordingly.

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Submit your HMRC Tax Return before the 31 January deadline and find your Happy Place!

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